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Coving and Raft-Ups:


 COVING (tying up in a cove for the day or overnight)

* If a cove is already occupied, respect First-come, First-served. Make sure to leave room around the already tied up boats. And
  take into consideration that the wind will shift the boats around, so just use common sense and leave plenty of room between
  you and the other boats.

* Coves cannot be reserved.

* Those tied up in the cove should not block access to other boaters Tie those lines high enough for reasonable sized craft to go  
  underneath. Remember, while you may have the cove for the weekend, you don't own it.

* If it is absolutely necessary that you go around a boat that is tied off in a cove, do so at idle speed and respect the other boater's

* When you leave the cove, pack out all of your trash with you. 

RAFT-UPS: Some basic guidelines

* The first boater in the anchorage gets to determine where and how the other boaters will tie on to him (or her).

* Boats approaching the first boat ask permission to tie on to the first boat and ask for directions from the first boater.

* Boats approaching the first boat (or boats already rafted up) are expected to provide their own fenders ("bumpers" to the
  inexperienced boaters) and they are expected to have enough fenders out to prevent damage to either boat.

* Common courtesy dictates that boaters whose boats are already secured will assist other boaters coming in.

* Common courtesy dictates that (with the exception of the transom, stern platform or swim platform, it is inconsiderate to move
  "across" another's boat without permission. {For houseboats, this is a little different and it's considered OK to cross on the
  forward decks --but never the rear deck near the stateroom}

* One of the greatest discourtesies is to step on another person's boat while wearing hard-soled shoes or with muddy shoes or feet.
* When you see a raft up (several boats tied together), PLEASE slow down and IDLE past them.

* Don't raft in the in the middle (or side) of a busy channel and expect people to slow down, or worse yet, block a cut-through,
  rafting should be done away from traffic areas.