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* Understand that a SeaDoo or any other PWC is a boat and therefore subject to the same rules as any other. That would include
  no-wake zones, common courtesy in coves, etc.

* Wear your PFD; it's the law — even in an idle zone. Also, wear the lanyard for the kill switch.

* When possible, ride with a friend and carry a towrope. Getting stranded due to a breakdown especially on a lake the size of
  Lake Monroe can be dangerous.

* When you are riding with another PWC, maintain a safe separation between boats.

* Remember, no power, no steering. If you let off the throttle, you can't steer period (the modern ski safety devices are only a
  marginal help and you shouldn't rely on them).

* Make sure you know how to handle your ski properly in a panic situation. You can't let off the throttle and expect it to brake. 
  Also, be ware that , at high speeds, it is easy to be thrown from the PWC.

* Give other boaters a wide berth. Do not "buzz" other boats.

* Do not try to "show-off" on your new PWC. Most boaters have already seen all those tricks and are accustomed to
  high-powered PWCs.

* If you are having guests that want to drive your PWC, but are not familiar with it, first take them for a ride with you driving. 
  Explain the controls. Demonstrate how a PWC handles, including letting off the throttle, making turns, and using reverse. 
  Explain the safety features and what to do in an emergency.

* The PWC has a throttle, so use it periodically. No need to run wide open all the time.

* If you are going to jump a boat's wake, stay at least 200 feet back and cross/jump in a direction away from the boat (opposite
  direction the boat is going). Make sure there are no water skiers in the area.

* It is illegal and highly dangerous to drive a PWC after sunset or before sunrise. Be aware of the time and your surroundings.

* Carry basic tools and spare sparkplugs in the PWC and learn how to clear debris from the impeller.

* When towing a tube or a skier, you must have legal space on the PWC for all involved. You also must meet the spotter/mirror

* PWC's have excellent range. Don't just exit the marina or your cove and start hot-dogging it. Use the PWC for cruising and